"I Wish I Would Have Called Zac First!"

"Knowing Zac's success intown was a big motivator to call him!"

Selling Atlanta homes with the zac teamI’ve seen the signs around for The Zac Team for a long time and knew they had previously sold two homes in my complex, so I said “I’m going to give them a try.” Knowing that your team had success that I know of in the intown area was a big motivator to pick up the phone and call Zac. My place had been on the market before for 9 months or so and I had a lot of lookers, but nobody biting. That was a big difference between the zac team and my previous agent – the ability to sell the property. With my first agent, we had 60 showings over eight or nine months and I’m not even sure that she could tell me why half of them didn’t come back or didn’t make an offer. She just didn’t put the effort in. The reports that The Zac Team sends every week along with the constant communication with your agents, I knew exactly what was going on.

I liked the professionalism of everybody, too. Ken’s and Zac’s advice was great! Ken suggested the list price and, right off the bat, said that he would be surprised if we didn’t have an offer in a week. Sure enough, in five days, we had an offer. It’s good to actually hear someone say that and it turns out to be true!

The Zac Team always moved quickly and they were always available. Ken, the Listing Partner, was right on top of everything, as well as Jimmy, the Closing Manager. He’s been on top of everything as well. The zac team has also helped me prepare my home for sale. I had to get a couple of things fixed for the buyer and Jimmy has been coordinating with all of the contractors and it’s been excellent. I’ve already paid the contractors and I believe the work’s been done! I appreciate the service and it’s been a lot less of a headache than it could have been!

I’m down in Mobile and travel a lot, so there was no way I would have been in town to take care of everything, so the support of the team as benefitted me exponentially. Thanks to Ken’s and Zac’s negotiating skills, we got what we wanted to out of the place in terms of price, so I was pleased. Y’all told me you could sell it quick and you did! And that’s what I’ve seen you do time and time again around the area. Thanks for getting this house off my back so I can get back to paying one mortgage!

- Greg Gardener

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